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Where Business Meets Technology

What Can Braxton-Reed do for you?

Braxton-Reed is a professional services company offering its clients large, small and everywhere in-between, high-quality, yet cost-effective solutions. 

Since 1994, Braxton-Reed has been helping its clients improve the return on their Information Technology investment. With that longevity, comes expertise.

One of the truest measures of our expertise when it comes to finding and supplying top talent is when other firms, our competitors essentially, reach out to us for help in sourcing, screening and/or providing candidates for their customer's needs.

As for our own valued Customers, we have developed deep and lasting relationships over the years, by abiding by some pretty simple tenets:

  • Partnership - We strive to understand and even anticipate needs by asking the right questions and knowing the environment and the Stake Holders, thus decreasing lead times in securing the right talent for the project. 
  • Principles - We know there are other firms that do what we do. If we don't do the job right and meet our customers' expectations, there is someone else ready to step in. Therefore, if we can do something for you, we will do it to the very best of our abilities. If we can't, we won't tell you that we can. Simple.

  • Value - It's not always easy to find good customers so it stands to reason that when we do, we will provide the best service at a price that makes sense for all.

Finally, key to any successful organization today is its ability to stay focused and flexible in the face of ever-changing demands. Braxton-Reed understands this and provides talented individuals in the way that best fits our customers need; be it on a contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent basis.